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Protection against COVID-19

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  • Handy San disinfectant gel 100ml

    Handy San disinfectant gel 100ml

    Hand disinfectant gel, 65% ethanol Package 100ml Hand disinfectant gel with a neutral PH, which eliminates microorganisms from the applied surface. It evaporates quickly Apply a few drops of(6ml) on your hands and wipe dry with your palms. Do not read the product.

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  • SH Surface disinfection 750ml

    SH Surface disinfection 750ml

    Surface disinfection - works against bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 Production: Great Britain, SilverHook brand Pack 750ml with spray Benzalkonium chloride based cleaner. It is designed for surface disinfection. Exposure up to 5 hours after application. Compared to ethanol-based cleaners, it therefore has a longer activity. Cleaners containing benzalkonium chloride are commonly used in healthcare. The product is comparable, for example, to Dettol antibacterial surface spray. The product is not flammable You can use surface disinfection in places where there is contact - handles, doors, tables, steering wheel, etc. Application: spray on the surface and set Ete ete cloth

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Protection against COVID-19