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Shipping and Charges

Postage, packing and delivery time

The delivered goods remain until the full payment of the purchase price owned by the seller, according to the valid provisions of § 443 - 446 business law, resp. § 601 business law.

The delivery time is calculated on working days and is shown for each item. When goods are dispatched, the customer is informed by e-mail about this fact. The beginning of the delivery time is calculated by type of payment as follows. When paying by cash - immediately after the order. For all other payment methods, you'll see a payment on the seller's account.

Postage cost is calculated by weight accordingly to the "Posta bez hranic" price list - which you can find by clicking the link below :


We do not charge any additional packing fee.

The delivery time differs with payment method and destination of the package. For Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Poland, the usual delivery time is 2-3days. For other destinations it can take longer - about 7-10 days.

Payment method
  • Cash after delivery - the cash will be collected by courrier / driver
  • Bank transfer - please wait for our workers to process your order, after which they will send you a Proforma Invoice with our bank details (you can choose from EUR or CZK account)
  • In cash - at our store in Zlin - Malenovice
  • Online payment gateway