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Information about cookies

What are cookies and how do we use them:
  • Cookies are small data files that are necessary for the proper functioning of the site, and which we therefore place on your computer, like most websites. These are text files that websites store on your computer or mobile device when you start using these pages.
  • The pages thus remember the actions and settings you have made on them for a certain period of time - for example, the contents of the shopping cart. Therefore, you do not have to re-enter this information when you revisit the site and switch between sections of the site.
  • We do not use cookies for anything and we do not process or pass them on to a third party in any way.
  • In case of disagreement with the use of cookies and data obtained through our website, which uses cookie technology for the purposes mentioned above, you have the option to block the use of cookie technology by setting your internet browser or other computer program - ie set your internet browser or other computer program to block, respectively. banned / disallowed, the use of technology cookies.