Workshop set for thread repair M5-M12, V-Coil

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V-Coil M5-M12 Thread Repair Workshop Set - Only Common Creep. / Thread Repair
Kit contains:
Taps: M5x0,8, M6x1,0, M8x1,25, M10x1,5, M12x1,75
Drills: 5,2mm, 6 , 3mm, 8,3mm, 10,4mm, 12,4mm

Inserts lengths are always a multiple of the diameter of the thread to be repaired, ie if you repair the M6 ??thread and the set is 1,5D, then the length of the insert is 1.5 times 6mm, ie 9mm.

If you need a shorter or longer insert, we can offer it separately in lengths of 1.0D / 1.5D / 2.0D / 2.5D / 3.0D. If the length does not suit you, you can adjust the length - cut, wipe, chip - if possible, be careful - the inserts are stainless, it will not be easy.

Thread Repair Method:
1. Boring the damaged thread with the drill bit (if fitted)
2. Cut out the thread with a special tap (use of other - notch or machine taps does not work)
3. Using the supplied boot loader, insert the insert into the required depth (be careful, the inserts can not be retightened!)
4. If you put the cutter (if it is included in the set) or the pincers, break the insertion part on the insert

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