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Universal self-centering chuck TOS IUS 125 / 3-2 M1, ČSN 243801

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Product information

IUS 125 / 3-2 M1 TOS Svitavy, TYPE 2438010123210
Three-chuck chuck, supplied in original box with set of inner and outer jaws and loop.
Accuracy "2" - Common turning accuracy.
ČSN 243801 / CSN 24 3801

Diameter: 125
Clamping range E3 - 49 mm
Clamping range F3 - 47 mm
Clamping range G30 - 75 mm
Clamping range H70 - 116 mm
Clamping range J28 - 74 mm
Clamping range K69 - 115 mm
Clamping range L3 - 49 mm
Clamping range N38 - 84 mm
Clamping range O83 - 125 mm
Clamping range P50 - 95 mm
Clamping range R90 - 136 mm
Clamping range S max.152 mm
Clamping range T max.163 mm
Clamping type M1
Accuracy class standard accuracy
Number of jaws 3
EH7 100 mm
F ± 0.2 110 mm
G 3xM8 mm
H 51.5 mm
J 19 mm
K 8 mm
L 97,6 mm
N 66,4 mm
O 22 mm
R 28 mm
S 4 mm
T 58 mm
U 56 mm

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