Reduction sleeve 40 / MK3 - 80 DIN69871 with Allen screw

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Reducing insert, Morse cavity cutter and clamping screw, ISO40 / MK3, 40/3, 40x3
For taper shanks: ISO40
M16 threading threads
Morse, MK 3, M12 thread
Length: 80 mm (specifies the length of the sleeve that will protrude out of the machine)

ČSN 247212, DIN 69871-A

Milling cutter / blade for milling cutters
MK3 internal milling machine, M16 internal thread


Code: DIN69871-40/1-045-F
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46,39 € with VAT
Code: DIN69871-40/2-060-F
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42,22 € with VAT
Code: DIN69871-40/3-080-VC
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27,97 € with VAT
Code: DIN69871-40/3-070-F
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42,22 € with VAT
Code: DIN69871-40/4-100-VC
In stock
27,97 € with VAT
Code: DIN69871-40/4-100-F
In stock
53,45 € with VAT
Code: DIN69871-50/2-060-F-MCT
On request
88,91 € with VAT
Code: DIN69871-50/3-065-F-MCT
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88,91 € with VAT
Code: DIN69871-50/4-070-F-MCT
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93,39 € with VAT
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