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Metal drill 7.90 mm HSSE Co5 DIN 338 for NC / CNC, CZ004

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Edge angle: 118 ° (-2 °)
Helix angle: 25-30 °
Angle of drill bit width: 25 ° (-2 °)
Material: HSSE - Rapid Steel Co5
Patented Development drill bit series: CZ004
Standard: DIN338

Usage: Austell steel, alloyed heat treated tool and high-speed steel at a tension of 900 N / mm2
High- against corrosion, acids and heat

The drill has an extra thin blade at the front of the drill - the narrow core of the drill (see photo). This reduces friction during drilling and can be drilled at higher speeds.
The drill can be easily sanded without reducing the accuracy of the drill hole.

DIN 338 RTi HSSCo5

The very thin core , which is constant in the length of the "L1" of the drill bit, significantly reduces the amount of axial force needed for drilling and consequently the development of heat while maintaining the high stiffness of the drill due to the multiple increase of core thickness in the length "L2" continuously towards the bit of the drill.
The constant core thickness at the front of the drill allows its repeated grinding in the length "L1" while maintaining the same geometry of the drill tip.
Small blade width ensures a minimum friction of the bore of the bore hole when it is well maintained.
Special podbrus spikes significantly reduces the friction of the bore of the bore and at the same time creates optimal conditions for the delivery of coolant directly to the cutting point.
Thanks to its geometry, the tip of the drill bit contributes significantly to the drill's high stability even when drilling at high cutting speeds, while ensuring high dimensional and geometrical accuracy of drilled holes.
The low roughness of the cu

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Certified customer, 7.May 2024
Super obchod. Velký výběr sortimentu a také rychlost dodání (do dvou dnů od objednávky-poštou).
"Super obchod. Velký výběr sortimentu a také rychlost dodání (do dvou dnů od objednávky-poštou)."
Certified customer, 30.April 2024
Široký sortiment Dobrá cena Rychlá doprava

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