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Collet chuck ISO50 x ER40 BT with a set of 8 collets, L = 100mm

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Product information

Clamp Clamp ISO 50 ER40 - 100L 8 Collets
ISO50xER40 (50xER40)
Collets can be purchased separately
Max. collet size: 30mm
Design of chuck stop for cars. replacement: BT
Standard: JIS B 6339 (MAS BT)
Contains collet: 5-6mm , 7-8mm , 9-10mm , 11-12mm , 13-14mm , 15-16mm , 19-20mm , 24-25mm
Supplied in Plastic Trunk
Thread: up to 0.005mm

Clamp Clamping Procedure:
Fasten the clamping nut into the clamping nut - according to the attached picture.

The product contains

83,78 € with VAT
Code: DIN6499B-ER40x06mm
9,96 € with VAT
Code: DIN6499B-ER40x08mm
9,96 € with VAT
Code: DIN6499B-ER40x10mm
9,96 € with VAT
Code: DIN6499B-ER40x12mm
9,96 € with VAT
Code: DIN6499B-ER40x14mm
9,96 € with VAT
Code: DIN6499B-ER40x16mm
9,96 € with VAT
Code: DIN6499B-ER40x20mm
9,96 € with VAT
Code: DIN6499B-ER40x25mm
9,96 € with VAT
7,50 € with VAT
4,97 € with VAT
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