Collet chuck ISO40 x ER32 BT - 70mm

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Clamp Clamp BT ISO 40 ER 32 - 70 mm
ISO40xER32 (40xER32)
Length from cone to chuck: 70mm
Max. Collet Size: 20mm
Bolt Thread Bolt / Bolt: M16
For Collet Of Outer Diameter: 32mm
Diameter Clamping Nut: 49mm
Clamping Shank for Car. replacement: BT
Standard: JIS B 6339 (MAS BT)
Thread: up to 0,003mm
ER32 Collets can be purchased.

Collet clamping procedure: Clamp the clamp into the clamping nut - according to the attached picture.


Code: BT-30-ER16-060-20k
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46,16 € with VAT
Code: BT-30-ER16-060-25k
In stock
46,16 € with VAT
Code: BT-30-ER16-070
In stock
45,96 € with VAT
Code: BT-30-ER20-070-30k
In stock
46,25 € with VAT
Code: BT-30-ER25-070
In stock
44,41 € with VAT
Code: BT-30-ER32-060-25k
In stock
49,74 € with VAT
Code: BT-30-ER40-80-25k
In stock
49,34 € with VAT
Code: BT-40-ER16-070
On request
43,21 € with VAT
Code: BT-40-ER16M-100-30k
In stock
45,80 € with VAT
Code: BT-40-ER20-070-25k
In stock
45,67 € with VAT
Code: BT-40-ER25-060-25k
In stock
43,21 € with VAT
Code: BT-40-ER25-070
On request
43,21 € with VAT
Code: BT-40-ER25-070-25k
In stock
43,21 € with VAT
Code: BT-40-ER32-070-30k
In stock
42,94 € with VAT
Code: BT-40-ER32-100
In stock
52,88 € with VAT
Code: BT-40-ER40-070-30k
In stock
40,69 € with VAT
Code: BT-40-ER40-100
In stock
56,34 € with VAT
Code: BT-50-ER32-100-25k
In stock
86,77 € with VAT
Code: BT-50-ER32-150-25k
In stock
80,33 € with VAT
Code: BT-50-ER40-100-25k
In stock
86,77 € with VAT
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