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Semicircular concave cutter - push-in R10 ČSN 222230

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New Radius: R10
Diameter Diameter: 100mm
Diameter of Chucking Bore: 32mm
Width: 32mm
Number of Teeth: 12
Material : HSS - High-speed steel
ČSN 222230/22 2230
Sale - limited number of items


Code: 222230-R010x063
In stock
28,29 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R016x045
In stock
24,65 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R016x063
On request
28,29 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R020
In stock
28,29 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R025
In stock
29,08 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R030
In stock
30,07 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R035
In stock
31,40 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R040-060
In stock
32,14 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R040-063
In stock
32,14 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R045x058
In stock
29,57 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R050
In stock
42,79 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R060
In stock
49,63 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R070
On request
54,66 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R075x080
In stock
39,43 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R080
In stock
60,19 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R090
In stock
72,01 € with VAT
Code: 222230-R120
In stock
86,10 € with VAT
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Zatím jen zkontrolováno , vypadá dobře za tu cenu. Uvidíme jak bude běžet , až jej nahodím na soustruh..
"Sklíčidlo je za přijatelnou cenu. Na hobby použití určitě dostačující."

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