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Quick-release drill chuck 0.5 - 8 mm B12 PROFI

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Self-locking, quick-release, without loop, type SOLID quick release clamping head with 8mm loop, Cutting jaws, professional quality.
Bore Clamp: 0,5-8mm
Clamping Taper: B12
Body Diameter: 42mm, Overall Height 62mm
Pitch not included, available in MK 1, MK2, MK3 , MK4

Main applications:
Stand and column drills

Accuracy: up to 0,12mm


Code: JS-SKLR-05-06-B10
In stock
25,75 € with VAT
Code: JS-SKLR-1-10-B12-36
In stock
21,60 € with VAT
Code: RO-SKLR-1-13-B12S-S-871046
In stock
99,44 € with VAT
Code: RO-SKLR-1-13-B12-SK-305221
In stock
99,44 € with VAT
Code: RO-SKLR-1-13-B12-305203
On request
105,66 € with VAT
Code: JS-SKLR-1-13-B16
In stock
26,84 € with VAT
Code: JS-SKLR-1-13-B16M
In stock
21,50 € with VAT
Code: RO-SKLR-1-13-B16-871051
On request
122,56 € with VAT
Code: RO-SKLR-1-13-B16-S-871047
On request
97,20 € with VAT
Code: JS-SKLR-1-16-B16
In stock
29,62 € with VAT
Code: RO-SKLR-3-16-B16-871064
On request
134,19 € with VAT
Code: JS-SKLR-1-16-B18
In stock
29,85 € with VAT
Code: JS-SKLR-5-20-B22
In stock
43,23 € with VAT
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