Load magnet ZM 100B - 100kg, swinging eye

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Product information

B-series lifting magnet series B with swinging eye.
Neodymium Magnet (PrNd)
Used to clamp and move flat and round metal objects.
Flat metal objects: max. weight 100 kg with a minimum thickness of 15mm.
Roundware, round metal objects: max. weight 50 kg, diameter range 50-150mm, minimum length: 15mm.

Complies with the following specifications: EN 292/1, EN 292/2, 98/37 / EC, UNI 7690, 89/392 CEE.

1) Flatwares:
Max Load: 100kg
Minimum Thickness: 15mm
Maximum Length: 1000mm
2) objects:
Maximum load: 50kg
Diameter: 30-100mm
Maximum length: 1500mm

Clamping force depends on the material of the lifted object:
Nízkouhlíková Steel: 100% Lifting Capacities
Carbon Steel: 85% Lifting Capacity
High Carbon Steel: 75% Lifting Capacity
Cast Iron: 65% Lifting Capacity

Clamping force is dependent on roughness
Cutting surface: 125% lifting capacity
Gross surface: 100% lifting capacity
Casting casting: 90% lifting capacity
Gross cast: 65% lifting capacity

On each magnet, the load curve is dependent on the air gap between the workpiece and the magnet and also on the workpiece thickness, the workpiece does not match the parameters in the "Usage" section (see above).
The larger the air gap, the lower the magnet load (magnetic field).
As the workpiece is thinner, the magnet load (magnetic field) is smaller.

Load magnets are delivered in carrying capacity of 100kg, 300kg, 500kg, 600kg, 1000kg and 1500kg with fixed or swinging eye.

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